About HEM

Hem Suriname NV

HEM Suriname NV is a subsidiary of Hollandsche Export Maatschappij B.V, a Dutch holding company. This family-owned business exists since 1898 and started with trade to the East (Dutch East Indies) and the West (Suriname and the Antilles).

The Hollandsche Export Maatschappij worked with various agents until 1952, of which NV. J.F.D. Haenen was the last. From 1957 on Hollandsche Export Mij. established its own office, at the current location at Heerenstraat nr. 4, and in 1962 HEM Suriname N.V., a separate Surinamese N.V. (company limited by shares) was established.

Under the management of Wilfred Spangenthal, who was the 3rd generation working in the family business, the company expanded into one of the largest importers/distributors of consumer articles in Suriname. Currently, approximately 130 people are employed; the company owns some 20 trucks and vans as well as cooling and freezing facilities. HEM represents many of the top brands in the Surinamese market, including Nescafé, Maggi, Stayfree, Carefree, Johnson's Baby, Zwan, Brunswick, KC Candy, Dettol, Suretox, Stimorol, Menthos, Neutrogena, Revlon and L’Oréal.